Changing from Onboard Video to Graphics card on Supermicro board

In order to get display from the onboard VGA adapter on a Supermicro motherboard, you will need to: 

(with the graphics card installed)

  1. Boot to BIOS
  2. Navigate over to the “Advanced Tab
  3. Navigate down to & select the “PCI/PnP Configuration” option
  4. Navigate down to and change “Boot Graphics Adapter Priority” from “Offboard VGA” to “Onboard VGA
  5. Press F10 to save & reboot. 

Display will now be output to the side VGA port.  You will need a external VGA monitor attached.  In order to return back to using the graphics card, you will need to repeat the above steps, but changing from Onboard back to Offboard while using the VGA Monitor.

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