Which of your products are upgradeable?

In short, all of our products are upgradeable to some extent. But some products have inherent design features that make them more or less easy to upgrade by our customers.

For example, the Radius and Radius EX portable workstations were designed with easy upgrades in mind. By loosening two screws on the back of the chassis, these allow easy access to internal components. PCI expansion cards can be removed or replaced; in many cases memory can be upgraded with no more effort than a standard PC. And with our custom no-tools-removable hard drive carriers, hard drives can be swapped in and out of the system with, you guessed it... no tools! Processors and fixed hard drives require more steps to access, but can also be field upgraded or replaced if necessary.

The Nucleus series of compact tower workstations and servers uses the same internal access design as the Radius EX, allowing for easy upgrade of components. The Vigor EX rugged portable computer requires a set of panels to be removed in a similar fashion, although with this system's chassis-in-a-chassis design there are more steps involved.

Our NextDimension Pro, Evo, Evo, Plus, and Vigor Evo and Evo Plus models also allow for PCI expansion cards to be upgraded. Both series of products have access to cards by removing either the bottom panel or a set of top panels, depending on where cards are located. And both Vigor and NextDimension models offer side-access no-tools removable hard drives. Other components such as memory, processors, and fixed hard drives are not as easily accessed by the user and must be serviced by NextComputing or a certified technician. We offer training for our OEM customers to be able to offer first-level support for their customers.

Our rackmount products such as the Nucleus RM are by far the easiest to upgrade by simply removing the top panel to the chassis.

It is important to note that we sell and support only specific qualified processors, graphics cards, hard drives, and other components. If your system needs to be upgraded, please consult with a Sales Engineer before attempting any upgrade yourself. For instance, if you were to install a graphics card or processor that is not properly cooled then your system could overheat or become unstable. Our warranty does not cover any resulting damage or labor costs as a result of an unauthorized upgrade.

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