Can your systems support a specific motherboard that I am using in another computer?

We validate only specific motherboard options in our systems to fit the needs of our typical customers and vertical industries. This allows us to have better control over the reliability of our products, but also limits the number of manufacturers we work with to only the best in the industry. These relationships with our component vendors ultimately help us deliver the most functional and reliable products possible.

However, we do realize there are sometimes certain features that we may not support with one of our standard motherboards. If you have used a particular manufacturer or model of motherboard and we don't offer something that suits your needs, we are flexible and open to discuss your requirements.

As an aid to understand whether your chosen board matches with our products, please refer to the following motherboard form-factor guidelines:

Radius - Micro-ATX form-factor
Radius EX - ATX or SSI CEB form-factors
Radius EX-B - Micro-ATX form-factor
NucleusNucleus GPNucleus Server - ATX or SSI CEB form-factors
Vigor EX - ATX or SSI CEB form-factors
Vigor EX-B - Micro-ATX form-factor
Nucleus RM family - ATX, SSI CEB, Extended ATX (E-ATX or EEB), or Enhanced Extended ATX (EE-ATX) form-factors
NextDimension family - these products do not support standard motherboards
Vigor EvoVigor Evo Plus - these products do not support standard motherboards

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