How rugged is your Vigor series?

The Vigor series of rugged, deployable workstations and servers, although not mil-spec, are designed to function in harsh environments where protection from shock and vibration can provide additional mission-critical reliability. Each system in the Vigor series is shock-mounted within an inner chassis which is a floating/isolated system within the outer chassis. The outer chassis is constructed as a lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy frame with mil-anodized scratch resistant paint and rubber corner bumpers.

We can also provide MIL-STD-2073 rugged hard cases with telescoping handle and wheels customized with foam cut to secure your systems and peripheral devices while in transit.

Vigor models have been tested to the following specs:

  • Operating temp: 0°C–40°C, 32°F–104°F
  • Non-operating temp: -40°C–65°C, -40°F–149°F
  • Relative humidity: (5-95%) non-condensing
  • Shock: Mechanical shock: ≤10g, 11ms, Terminal sawtooth, operating; Transit shock: 18" drop
  • Vibration: ≤0.04g2/Hz, 20Hz–1,000Hz; -6dB/octive 1,000Hz–2,000Hz
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