Changing the fan settings on a Supermicro board via IPMI

You will need to connect the system to a network and retrieve the IPMI network address (assigned DHCP unless changed to static) from the system BIOS. This can be done by the following steps:


  1. Pressing the “DEL” key during system boot up.
  2. Navigate over to the “IPMI Tab
  3. Navigate down to and select the “BMC network configuration” menu item
  4. Make note of the Station IP address
    1. If DHCP is not assigned, either assign a IP address or Select the Configuration Source and change to DHCP.
    2. In order to change the IPMI settings you will need to ensure that “Update IPMI LAN Configuration” is set to “YES” a reboot will be required and you will need to start at step 4(a) again.
  5. Input the noted IP address into a browser window of a system with access to the Network the IPMI system is on.
  6. User name: ADMIN / Password: ADMIN
  7. In your browser window select “Fan Mode” from the “Configuration” drop down
  8. You will be presented with a choice of (3) options “Standard” , “Full” , “Optimal, (you will need to experiment with these to determine which setting offers the cooling you need and an acceptable fan noise level.)
  9. Select “Save” and exit the browser and reboot.
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