What is your warranty policy?

All standard hardware products are covered by a 1-year warranty including parts and labor. Battery products are warrantied for 6 months. Warranty is effective with date of initial product shipment. All repairs are done at the Nashua, NH facility with a typical repair turnaround time of 5-10 business days.

Please contact technical support if you encounter a problem with a system. We will make a technical diagnosis over the phone. If it is determined that hardware needs to be repaired, an RMA will be issued. The customer pays shipping on the RMA, and NextComputing will use the same shipping method, at the same cost, for return to the customer facility.

Our standard software products are covered by a ninety-day media and functionality warranty. Please note that the warranty period begins upon shipment from NextComputing. In addition, certain software products are eligible for the NextComputing Software Annual Maintenance Service, which is available upon request.

We also can create customized warranties for OEMs and other specific customers.

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