Do any of your systems run on internal or external battery power?

Yes. Our Radius EX-B portable workstation and Vigor EX-B rugged portable computer both feature an internal battery. Depending on the system's configuration, this battery can power a system at high-load for more than 2 hours. The battery charges in the system while it is connected to a standard AC power source (i.e., wall outlet). The Radius EX-B is the same height and width as the compact Radius EX briefcase-size system, and only 1 inch deeper due to the battery. The Vigor EX-B is the same size on all dimensions as the Vigor EX.

For external battery options, we recommend UPS products from American Power Conversion (APC). These units can typically run for approximately 15-30 minutes after loss of power.

For extended use of an external battery we offer Anton/Bauer battery solutions. Our internal 24V DC power supply on our portable workstations and rugged portables is designed to work with the Anton/Bauer QBH-HD (Quad Battery Holder) and HyTRON 140 or HC Dionic batteries. We also support the Anton/Bauer CINE-VCLX and CINE-VCLX2 batteries.

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